When is the last time you invested in who you are instead of what you do?  Cherokee Whole Health Retreat offers women's retreats, arrangements for your girlfriend getaways or company women's retreats, life coaching, journaling sessions, personal training, Creative Intensive Weekends; there something for everyone!

You are invited to travel with us so you can come reflect, dream, learn, engage, and reclaim balance in your life.  Our women's retreats offer a safe place for you to honor your truth and explore with us as we reach further towards wholeness and growth.  You may learn new boundaries, empowerment, and respect who you really are while enjoying time being active and sharing in a new adventure.  We want you to feel renewed and restored because of your experience with us and feel proud of the achievements you have made with your body, mind, and spirit.

Our Creative Intensive Weekends are available to men and women when you want an opportunity to complete the entire Journal to the Self workshop series.  For a more customized and personal experience, you may want to try the one-on-one journal coaching, or life coaching sessions.  Come share a place where you are welcome at our Cherokee Whole Health Retreat...your truth, your home.

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